Hello, I am Anamika, from Bangladesh. A part of my family lives in my native country and the other in Kolkata, West Bengal (located in the eastern region of India). I moved to Spain in 2000. I live in Madrid with my husband and two sons.

Through my blog "Spice and Colour" I would like to bring you in touch with the culture and gastronomy of India, which fascinates me so much. Geographically India is a very large country, rich in traditions, cultural diversities and historically influenced by different civilizations. The availability of a great variety of spices, their aromas, colours, and usage techniques from different regions make Indian cuisine extremely diverse.

Basically, our friends have encouraged me to create this page; especially those who like Indian cuisine and particularly appreciate authentic, traditional, and home-made food. Most of the recipes I prepare are the traditional Bengali recipes that we used to eat at home since our childhood. I have learnt them from my Grandma and my Mom. Besides the Bengali home-made recipes, you will also find here other traditional Indian dishes.

Over time, I have noticed that many people are afraid of preparing Indian dishes, as they consider it complex to elaborate. Though a lot of spices are used in Indian cuisine, I believe that having a basic knowledge of some spices and combining them reasonably, one can create fantastic dishes. For this purpose, an overview of Indian spices, Masalas and some basic concepts have been included on this page.

I have tried to explain the recipes in a very simple way, in detail, step by step processes and photographs. I hope you will enjoy these recipes and I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Happy eating!!!

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